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Welcome to the homepage of a raiding Guild named <Blessed Knights>
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LyneaorBDF, Oct 13, 11 4:27 PM.
Scratch the previous news. Blessed Knights is gone for now. We might return with different views, but probably never as a raiding guild. I apologise to everyone, who liked us and also those, who we honored (We still honor You of course).

The guild collapsed. Reasons are personal, so I won't talk about them here.

Burnty and I are probably the only ones, who still believe, that the guild can shine once more, although even we can't deny the fact, that it will never be the same again.

I will let this website stay online for longer and keep You updated about, when the guild can be rebuilt.

LyneaorBDF, Apr 18, 11 8:38 PM.

We now have two guilds.

Our raiding guild is in the realm called Saurfang!

Our old remains in Bronze Dragonflight are now a new public social guild with the same name!

Feel free to join!

Everyone is welcome into the Social Guild, but not all are into the Raiding Guild.

Raiding Guild's rules are now tougher than before and many applications might be declined even, when we really need that class / role.

Realm Transfer

LyneaorBDF, Feb 1, 11 4:09 AM.
Hey everyone!

Our guild will be moving from Bronze Dragonflight to Saurfang. We will be an Alliance guild on Saurfang PvE from now on, because Bronze Dragonflight just doesn't work. It's a bad realm and I'm happy to get out of there.


LyneaorBDF, Dec 13, 10 7:09 AM.
Now, that Cataclysm is live, we are looking forward to continue our way of protecting Azeroth! This time, we will be protecting the Shattered World.

Raiding will start soon enough. The website will be updated more often now. With every new kill in a raid and loot, that was rewarded for it.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

LyneaorBDF, Aug 5, 10 7:37 AM.
The new guild website for a new raiding guild <Blessed Knights> is open!
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